Fresh from The Sea
We take great pride in knowing that we deliver some of the finest Seafood's available...right to your doorstep!


Lobster Tails
Combine with our great steaks. It doesn't get any better!
8  / box   Alaskan Wild Salmon 10 / box  
King Crab Legs
Jumbo "Select' King Crab Legs are unbelievable... broil, steam or grill them!
    Salmon Fillets
Individually wrapped fillets ready for the grill
10  / box  
Cooked Prawns
Firm plump prawns are cleaned, peeled, and fully cooked.
40/50 / box   Swordfish
Tender and sweet great on the grill!
10  / box  
Raw Prawns
Peeled, deveined and ready for the grill
40/50 / box   Maryland Crab Cakes
If you like crab cakes you have to try these!
24  / box  
Salad Shrimp
Great for salads or shrimp cocktails
150 / box   Talapia 10  / box  
Chilean Seabass
Sautéed or Barbecued Wow!
10  / box   Mahi Mahi 10  / box  
Jumbo Scallops
Large East Coast scallops bursting with flavor
60/80 / box   Calamari Steaks 12  / box  
Orange Roughy
Our most popular fish! Mild flavored fish from New Zealand.
10  / box